Mica Pollock, Reed Kendall, and Benjamin C. Kennedy, for the #USvsHate team

Since starting #USvsHate, we’ve worked hard to define “hate” as a word that extends beyond mean feelings. We’re tackling harmful habits of treating other people as less valuable.

Here’s the definition that we use, taken from our About page:

We define “hate” as any time people denigrate, disrespect or harm an individual or group as if their identity makes them an inferior or less valuable type of person. See Definitions and Concepts for more!

The project hopes to counter harm that is pervasive in our society and that we often allow passively. See the bolded sentences below from our website:

Minhtuyen Mai, Mica Pollock, Mariko Yoshisato and team

March 17, 2021

The news of yesterday’s violence shook us to our core — and it’s part of a wave of incidents that demand our attention and explicit rejection.

On March 16, another young white man murdered people, mostly Asian women, in a spree of shootings across spas in Atlanta, Georgia. We don’t have time to debate this individual’s “intentions.” We all need to condemn and refuse a broad national pattern of spiking anti-Asian violence. Reports on specific anti-Asian hate crimes tripled from 49 to 122 last year, according to The Center…

By Benjamin Kennedy, Dolores Lopez, Mica Pollock, Erika Reece, Mariko Yoshisato, and Reed Kendall

In this incredible year, we at #USvsHate have stayed inspired by young people who used their powerful voices to counter hate, bias, and injustice.

Will you invite your students to use their own voices and join us by March 12?

In #USvsHate, students from kindergarten through college create “anti-hate messages” in any media for their school communities and the public. You don’t have to use the lessons on our website to submit #USvsHate messages! In #USvsHate, educators can build on their own curriculum OR teach free…

By Mariko Yoshisato, Erika Reece, Mica Pollock, Sarah Peterson, Minhtuyen Mai, Dolores Lopez, Benjamin Kennedy, Reed Kendall, Kim Douillard, and Dana Chung

Learn more about how to create and submit student work for the current challenge. Deadline: March 12

In the fall of 2020, we talked with teachers across the country who feared that the summer’s crucial energy for antiracism would fade as school began. We talked with teachers and youth exhausted by the pandemic crisis. Then, the nation weathered more crises, of election challenges and an insurrection.

Throughout these crises, #USvsHate teachers and young people have continued to build.


#USvsHate is an educator and youth-led messaging project designed to embrace inclusion and justice for all in our diverse schools and society.

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